Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello All!

Enough with the fake comebacks,  my heart has been heavy with so many things , so  I am choosing to be open and vulnerable with this post, whether it is ready by one or many. 

 I hit rock bottom. Sounds cliche , I know. But hit rock bottom with myself. I have " hit " this bottom before; or so I thought but that appears to have just been the sub floor. 

I had many moments of tears and depression and anxiety because of my weight. I often found excuses or reasons to justify why I was this way and that it's okay. In actuality it's not. 

Ive tried the fad diets, weight watchers and none of it stuck. Why?? I am not exactly sure but I assume I will figure it out along this journey. I have read so many inspirational books & blogs that would get me motivated but none of it stuck with me. 

My rock bottom my real rock bottom was in september . We were out with friends and I thought I looked good. I even went with the "slimming black" skinny Jeans, black blouse and black pumps, hair slicked up. It was a fabulous dinner even felt good enough to take some selflies with a friend. 
My husband told me I looked beautiful which is fabulous confirmation.

It wasn't until we went for drinks following dinner that I hit rock bottom. Go , figure, rock bottom in a bar. Before you go pointing fingers, it wasn't that kind of "BAR."

A friend, a very slim friend friend & I  stood there kind of swaying and bouncing with the beat of the music from a half decent dj, when her fiancĂ© came up and just touched her on her waist   held her and I could actually see the attraction he had to his significant other. I could literally serve the attraction on a plate as it was that palatable. I stood there and continued to sway dance while my husband sat a bit distant.

Him sitting doesn't completely shock me. While everyone says he looks like Mr. Robin thicke , he does not move like robin thinke. But he wasn't even looking or acknowledging me, which I found odd. 

 My husband always affirms me and reminds me of my beauty . But is that beauty enough?  I mean is it for you? 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MAY Wedding!

In May, I had the honor of standing beside one of my Best Friends, who also happens to be my daughters God Mother. 
( Sorry about the POOR quality of my phone pic ) 

She is an Amazing woman of God, she is constantly challenging me to be a better woman everyday. I am not sure that she even knows that . ( She does now, Love you V!) 

Victoria and I experienced , what we will call the "rough" days of high school together. You know… the days where you thought you knew everything there was to know about life… the days when popularity & image were absolutely everything. I won't share a testimony today. I will save that for another day.

However the experiences we endured together, have so much to do with the way I live my life now & my relationship with Christ. 

Standing beside her on her day This lovely couple's day was such an honor! It was amazing to see what type of woman God has made her and what type wife he has molded her to be.  

The wedding was AMAZING, hands down one of the best weddings I have ever been too. I met some of the most amazing people and developed new relationships that I hope to maintain ( I get busy :) ) Busted some fab dance moves, ate some incredible food & yummy cake pops too!

I Can't forget to mention that Aria did a FABULOUS  job on the flights! We even had Layovers ! She handled the flights like the champ that she is! 

I am going to try to keep these post short & Sweet So I can get  y'all updated! 

Hello Again!


I know, I know.. It has been far too long! I am so sorry for neglecting by little space online. Life has been wonderful, but wonderfully busy! I have had so many things happen I will be sharing them this week, with you all!   My princess Turned one, one of my best friends got married, another one engaged, new house, 4 year anniversary and mini vacays! Goodness! I have so much to catch y'all up on!!

We will be chatting soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight!

This Lovely lady I am bringing to you today, isn't simply a sponsor .. she's simply beautiful, simply charming, simply funny, simply talented and Simply Clarke.

Marquis had me at "God your love is enough. I will follow you." a simple quote on her blog as she tells you about her self. I am enjoying getting to know her through her blog post and such!

I asked Marquis to tell me some things about herself...

(1) I am addicted to blogging!
(2) I'm a Diet Coke-aholic :) I just love them. &I have the biggest sweet tooth. Literally, after every meal, I crave something sweet.
(3) I can say the ABC's backwards really fast
(4) Hula-Hooping is my hidden talent {i can go for like over an hour- with tricks and all} #uselesstalent
(5) I love Shopping!

Doesn't she sound like a long lost BFF!

Currently , Marquis is having and OH SO FAB giveaway on her blog!
She and some other FAB ladies are giving away an IPad Mini! Enter Here!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

As Aria's Momma, I ......{As A Mom, I... Link up }

This post is called As a mom, I...  because I am a mom. I know... WHAT?! It applies to dads too!!!

Hey lovelies!

Being a new mom, I am amazed by all of the little things my munchkin does, whether she's standing, crawling , sneezing  or coughing.
Stumbled on this new link up by the fab Samantha of Hooah & Hiccups! 
This  NEW link-up. Gives me the opputunity to brag! ( AGAIN!) Melissa (from After We Tied The Knott) and Samantha  are hosting this fab Link up! !

I love my munchkins laugh, absoultely love it! She get's so tickled she falls over!
Please indulge in the all of the awesomeness of Aria's laugh!
( Sorry it's sideways :) )

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sleep at Last , Thank God Almighty Sleep at Last!

Okay so , I have probably just jinxed this however Miss Aria has decided to sleep through the night the past few nights. We have been on an uphill climb with her sleeping patterns & Teething. I read a fabulous qoute and felt it described teething to a tee!

"dealing with a teething baby is the equivalent of playing badminton with firecrackers.
– Jenna von Oy

That Evil Little tooth fairy has decided to give my princess a break from the intense teething she has endured. Sometimes… I hate teeth, just hate them. No that madame tooth fairy is laying off a bit. I have energy!

I completely forgot what I was capable of doing  when I actually had 8 hours of sleep.
I must toot my own horn and say that My house is clean! ( The crowd goes wild!!!!)
Don’t Judge me, but it’s tough being a working mom and finding energy to clean your home to the standards you are used to. My house wasn’t a mess, but It wasn’t clean!  I even dusted guys, seriously. I think the last time I dusted was during my psychotic nesting phase at the end of my pregnancy. My definition of “Bed Rest” was cleaning baseboards.

 Not only is my house clean, but I cooked dinner for last night ( Dessert too!-From scratch might I add!-Recipes on the blog soon!) AND for tnights !  I deserve a pat on the back and some new shoes for all of that!

In the midst of all of this , I have also managed to start obsessing over pinterest and etsy for Aria’s First Birthday party. I have a theme and I am running with it.

I also was able to take Aria’s picture for her Valentine’s Day( sneak peek below!)!

 I will hopefully actually send these cards out. Somehow, my wedding Thank You’d never made it  and nor did all of Aria’s Birth Announcement, Nor did all of our Christmas Cards. I had good intention I swear.. it just didn’t pan out!

Fine, go ahead and judge me!

Well my Loves, I am going to go “pin” some more to plan My Princess’s Birthday !