Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight!

This Lovely lady I am bringing to you today, isn't simply a sponsor .. she's simply beautiful, simply charming, simply funny, simply talented and Simply Clarke.

Marquis had me at "God your love is enough. I will follow you." a simple quote on her blog as she tells you about her self. I am enjoying getting to know her through her blog post and such!

I asked Marquis to tell me some things about herself...

(1) I am addicted to blogging!
(2) I'm a Diet Coke-aholic :) I just love them. &I have the biggest sweet tooth. Literally, after every meal, I crave something sweet.
(3) I can say the ABC's backwards really fast
(4) Hula-Hooping is my hidden talent {i can go for like over an hour- with tricks and all} #uselesstalent
(5) I love Shopping!

Doesn't she sound like a long lost BFF!

Currently , Marquis is having and OH SO FAB giveaway on her blog!
She and some other FAB ladies are giving away an IPad Mini! Enter Here!

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