Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sleep at Last , Thank God Almighty Sleep at Last!

Okay so , I have probably just jinxed this however Miss Aria has decided to sleep through the night the past few nights. We have been on an uphill climb with her sleeping patterns & Teething. I read a fabulous qoute and felt it described teething to a tee!

"dealing with a teething baby is the equivalent of playing badminton with firecrackers.
– Jenna von Oy

That Evil Little tooth fairy has decided to give my princess a break from the intense teething she has endured. Sometimes… I hate teeth, just hate them. No that madame tooth fairy is laying off a bit. I have energy!

I completely forgot what I was capable of doing  when I actually had 8 hours of sleep.
I must toot my own horn and say that My house is clean! ( The crowd goes wild!!!!)
Don’t Judge me, but it’s tough being a working mom and finding energy to clean your home to the standards you are used to. My house wasn’t a mess, but It wasn’t clean!  I even dusted guys, seriously. I think the last time I dusted was during my psychotic nesting phase at the end of my pregnancy. My definition of “Bed Rest” was cleaning baseboards.

 Not only is my house clean, but I cooked dinner for last night ( Dessert too!-From scratch might I add!-Recipes on the blog soon!) AND for tnights !  I deserve a pat on the back and some new shoes for all of that!

In the midst of all of this , I have also managed to start obsessing over pinterest and etsy for Aria’s First Birthday party. I have a theme and I am running with it.

I also was able to take Aria’s picture for her Valentine’s Day( sneak peek below!)!

 I will hopefully actually send these cards out. Somehow, my wedding Thank You’d never made it  and nor did all of Aria’s Birth Announcement, Nor did all of our Christmas Cards. I had good intention I swear.. it just didn’t pan out!

Fine, go ahead and judge me!

Well my Loves, I am going to go “pin” some more to plan My Princess’s Birthday !


  1. I found your blog through Lawless Life. I just have to say, your daughter is gorgeous!! Oh my goodness. I don't have kids yet, but my biggest fear is the lack of sleep. Glad you finally got a good night's rest. For your sake, and for the sake of my hope, I hope it keeps up! :)

  2. haha what a sweetie!! love the picture :)