Monday, January 14, 2013


I belong to an incredible church home, where there message being delivered has so much substance! I'm Talkin', Steak Dinners and not the "corn flake" basic teaching. Yesterday's teaching was on the breath of God, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit . The biggest thing that stood out to me is the The Holy Spirit is the comfort when you need it! The comfort you need in the time of loss, the comfort when you feel depressed AND COMFORT WHEN YOU ARE BEING STRETCHED!
 I know all of this is a growing process. My Pastor said something so simple and profound to me.
"God is constantly maturing you , he's the course and the source."
The spirit of God guides you through processes in life ,and maturity most certainly isn't a project. There are days where I want to through in the towel , as I grow & mature those days are few and far between. Growing up in the church, I've seen how a christian is suppose to "act", as I have matured enough through the years to understand that I'm not a museum , I am a construction site.I'll always be growing, changing, evolving and maturing. In order to mature you have to stay connected to your source. Stay connected to God in order to grow. Because you can quote scripture doesn't make you mature , you have a good memory . It's the Holy Spirit matures me and that makes me a better, mother , wife. It's not just the spirit in me he deals with . He deals with me !


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