Monday, January 7, 2013

Blessed to be a Blessing!

I am part of an amazing church home . For 2013 our Pastor made some declarations for the year. One of the three things we declared, stated that 2013 was the year of sowing.

When you sow seed you reap a great harvest.

A couple years ago my husband and were challenged in our giving. We tithed most of the time or when we " could afford it" or if we had extra ".

I always knew the first 10% was his ( God's), and how should I attempt to rob God. (Malachi 3:8)

We started being consistent in our giving and we never lacked! The tithe sustains.

 As we began to mature spiritually , we understood the importance of the offering and sowing.
Now, our tithes is the first check that I write.

Hubs and I sow into our church home and are now sowing into the lives of strangers.

On one of my many random shopping trips to Target. Targett has got to be one of my favorite places in this world. I go in target for toilet paper and walk out with sippy cups, onesies for Aria, white chocolate chips and bobs.

I seriously may be addicted to Target. Don't Judge me :)

I came across a woman with a set of twins and a a daughter maybe 4 or 6 years old . I asked her opinion on what sippy cups she used for her munchkins. I was having this a huge dilemma in the check out Line over Tommy Tippee or Nuby.  She was so kind, and guided my husband and I to the best decision for our munchkin.

After we paid for our items I ran over and swiped my card for her purchase .

Tears welled in her eyes as she said what a blessing it was to her.

It's a blessing to be a blessing. I Thank God , That I am in a position where I can sow into a stranger's life.

I challenge my self and challenge all of you to bless a stranger once a week. Whether its a Starbucks, Wally World ( Walmart) or even Target .

Run over and pay for someones purchase or pay for the car behind you when you go through the drive through

It's a blessing to be a blessing to someone else !

I want to hear about it!! Send me your stories to sweettealovegrace (at) gmail(dot) com

Later Lovelies,


  1. Absolutely adore this. :) And I think I'm probably addicted to Target as well, so no worries, you're not alone! Haha.

    Love your blog.'ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! :) read here.... {}

    Lauren @ Simply Free

  2. It is such a blessing to be a blessing. "Blessed to be a blessing" is a saying my mom and I say to each other often! I did a double take when I say it here on your blog :) She even has this saying on her fridge!

    Newest follower and co-host of the giveaway (nice to meet ya)!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Love your blog btw!

      Don't you just love that saying. It's so true !

  3. what a beautiful heart you have. every time i am blessed to do something like this, i find so much comfort in that fact that i can be a blessing. so glad to find other people who live this way, too.
    looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. I'm looking forward to reading yours! You have a gorgeous voice! There is an anointing there!

  4. Hey I am one of the other blog giveaway girls!! Am blessed by your heart and excited to follow along with you! :)