Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bad Habits & A Giveaway!

This week, I am guest blogging for Heather at Lawless Life on her lovely space on the I-net! Thanks so much for having me Heather! And  I'm giving away a SEPHORA GIFT GARD! !  ( enter after the post! Now Sit down , relax, grab some sweet tea and stay awhile! Let's Chat about...

Bad Habits.....Come on we all have the! You know nail biting, leaving drawers open, and what my husband is infamous for, taking out the trash but not putting a new trash bag in the trash can ( I'm not bitter at all :) )

My bad habit is being too controling, I am a pshychotic about control. I have that " It wont get done unless, I do it myself "attitude, I prefer not to delegate because I find satisfaction in doing it all and knowing it is done correctly and they way I would likfe it to be done.

Now in reality and in "my over thinking about overthinging" mind this is perfectly normal. Reality then decides to backhand me in the face( baby poweder and all) . It isn't possible for me to do everything. I really struggle & have a hard time delegating. When the house isnt clean, laundry isnt done, food isn't on the table, diaper bag isnt packed, bills paid ,car washed It falls on me , simply beause I cant let my AMAZING husband step in. ( I mean he does it anyway) , but it's typically not done the way I would like it to be done , which isnt a problem is you arent me.

This "control habit" I have is bad, seriously. Sometimes, I even tell my mother how to take care of my child, I mean I think it's okay to be particular about certain things. BUT Geez , I need to CHILL, she did raise 3 kids. We came out Normal ...well for the most part :)

Instead of being appreciative like normals wives or daughters , I re-do or critisize what he or she has done, and tell myself that I should have done it  to begin with.

I am so thankful to have a husband by my side who is a God Fearing,Kind hearted, Strong man  who doesnt mind doing Laundy ( even though he can't fold to save his life- Love You Honey)  or waking up in the middle of the night when Aria thinks it's playtime , so I can get some more rest.

My challenge is to let go a little bit, delegate better so I can be a better mom & wife!

Oh Goodness Pray for me ya'll!
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