Monday, January 21, 2013

That's an expensive Brave face!

I have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful life, but who is to say I dont have my moments. My moments where I get unsure.
The moments when I think, "Is my life where I wanted it to be by now?"
My moments where I wonder if Colorado is this best place for me to call home?
I Wonder sometimes,and these moments honestly , can get the best of me.
I try not to allow them, but sometimes the moments test my strength. Everyone always know's me as the strong one, the one who never fears, doesnt fail, they think I'm made of steel but they are wrong. I dont want to fear, I dont want to fail and I dont want to hurt but that is a reality for me. I just tend to have an awesome way of hiding it. Always have, I am able to put a brave face, ( expensive brave face, MAC isnt cheap, just saying:)) .
  Is it wrong to want space or have a little "me" time when I have these moments. I'm not quite sure really... Not Quite sure...

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