Friday, January 4, 2013


Hello There!
 I have to start this post with a song! I wish I could walk around with music playing. I always find music to match my mood, situation or life moment. I am that crazy chick who hears music in her head walking into a room of dead silence.
 I am not actually sure if I could operate without music. Well, I am sure I could, but not as productive.  I clean with music, work out to music, blog to music, work to music, drive with music (Blasted, well if my princess isn’t in the car).  So without further delay , the soundtrack for this post is……

Now that today’s song has set the tone of this post, I can beginJ
My first few posts will really be a glimpse of who I am, as you get to me!
 I must say that, I'm trying to be a real blogger with real life things going on. I am me and I embrace me" and the “me” I want to be.
“Me” is my word for the year...” Me” involves me being the best me I could possibly be.
The best mom, wife , sister, friend  & woman.
  Before anyone goes off of the deep end, and thinks I am being selfish because I have a husband and daughter.  I am stopping you now because I Love my Husband & Daughter with every single fiber of my being. Because I chose to make “me “ a  priority in this year ( I am sure, every other year too)  it doesn't make me any less of a mother.
In fact, I believe it makes me an honest mother & wife and a better mother & Wife.
Heck, A better daughter, friend, sister, blogger too!
Being a new mom, I am trying to find balance and apart of this is making ME a priority again.
Focusing on Me is feeding my urge to write again. I want to share my experiences with other women. Exchange life experiences with other wives and mommas!

I want to share The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. The Joy. The Smiles. The Tears and The Fears.
I am Blessed Beyond My wildest Dreams!

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